Mermaid Party Box
Looking for party supplies to create a magical mermaid birthday? Then this mini party box is just what you need! It includes the essentials as well as decorative pieces for a fun mermaid party.  Our Mini Mermaid Party Box includes: 8 Shell Plates (22cm) 8 Iridescent Mermaid Cups (260ml)...
Balloon Garland Kit | Mermaid
This beautiful mermaid-inspired DIY balloon garland kit includes everything you need to make a 2 meter glamorous green and purple balloon garland. The perfect centrepiece for a mermaid or unicorn birthday party. Balloon Garland Kit includes: - 12cm premium balloons x...
Large Mermaid Foil Balloon
This beautiful large colourful mermaid foil balloon is sure to wow your guests. Featuring a mermaid with long blue and green hair with a rainbow coloured tail. The perfect centerpiece for a mermaid party. Brand: Anagram Type: SuperShape Size: 73cm x 76cm...
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Large Shimmering Mermaid Foil Balloon
This beautiful large shimmering mermaid foil balloon is sure to wow your guests. Featuring a tanned mermaid with long pink hair and a blue & teal shell design tail. The perfect centerpiece for a mermaid party. Brand: Anagram Type: SuperShape Size: 73cm x...
Mermaid Shell Plates
Take a dive into an underwater paradise with these beautiful iridescent shell plates. Perfect for styling a mermaid birthday or an under the sea themed party. Each pack contains 8 paper plates. Plates measure 22cm. For more options, check out our paper...
Seashell Plates
These Jollity & Co. Shell Yeah seashell plates are a whimsical delight. Featuring holographic foil details, these are perfect for an ocean and mermaid theme party. A great option for any entertainer looking for a cute and classy under the...
Seashell Napkins
These gorgeous pink seashell napkins are sure to delight your guests. Featuring a scallop shell design they are a great way to decorate your party table at a narwhal, mermaid or under the sea theme party. Each pack contains 20 small...
Shell Yeah Napkins
Make a splash at your mermaid or under the sea party with these whimsical Jollity & Co Shelll Yeah Napkins. Featuring a blue, white and green napkin with a scale design and foil features. Perfect for any entertainer looking for...
Mermaid Scale Cups
These beautifully iridescent mermaid scale cups are absolutely magical. Add them to your mermaid party table to help create a special underwater paradise. Each pack contains 8 mermaid scale cups. Cups have a 260ml capacity. For more options, check out our paper...
Mermaid Tail Iridescent Party Hats
Make a splash with your party guests with these cute iridescent mermaid tail party hats. Each pack contains 6 mermaid party hats. Dimensions: 18cm Basic assembly required. For more options, please visit our mermaid party supplies and our party hats...
Mermaid Tail Iridescent Treat Box
This mermaid shine iridescent treat box is a beautiful way to give your guests something to savour after your mermaid, pool or under-the-sea party.  Emulating a beautiful scaled mermaid tail, this favour box can be used as an alternative to traditional loot...
Mermaid Dinner Plates
In shades of turquoise, lilac and pastel pink, these gorgeous mermaid plates with iridescent details are sure to make a splash at your party. Each pack contains 8 mermaid paper plates. Plates measure 22cm. For other party supplies, browse our paper plates and mermaid party supplies collections.
Mermaid Plates
These gorgeous mermaid plates featuring iridescent foil details are sure to make a splash at your party.Each pack contains 8 paper plates. Plates measure 18cm. For other party supplies, browse our paper plates and mermaid party supplies collections.
Mermaid Napkins
These beautiful mermaid napkins with iridescent foil details are simply divine. Match with our mermaid plates, cups and smaller mermaid seahorse napkins for an underwater paradise. Each pack contains 16 mermaid napkins. Napkins measure 16.5 x 16.5cm (folded). For more...
Iridescent Seashell Confetti
Have a whale of a time with this gorgeous iridescent seashell confetti featuring seashells, scallops and starfish. Scatter across your party table and include in treat bags to make your mermaid or under the sea party extra special. Each pack includes 23 grams of...
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Mermaid Cupcake Decorations Kit
Add a splash of fantasy to your cupcakes with these beautiful mermaid cupcake decorations kit. Coming in a beautiful shade of pink and purple they are sure to match your desired colour palette. Topped with mermaid tails and scallop shells make these...
Mermaid Party Game
Looking for entertainment at your mermaid or under the sea party? This fun take on the classic party game 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey' will be fun for children of all ages. Even adults can join in the fun!...
Mermaid Party Invitations
Invite guests to your party with these beautiful mermaid party invitations featuring a pastel rainbow-haired mermaid on a mermaid-shaped invite card. The other side of the invite features space to write all of the important party details: To, For, At, Date,...
Mermaid Balloons (12 Pack)
This colourful collection of mermaid balloons will add a splash of colour to your celebration. Ideal for a mermaid, pool or under-the-sea party. Balloons are made of latex and are biodegradable.  Balloons can be filled with both helium or air. Each pack includes 12...
Mermaid & Friends Balloons (12 Pack)
Add some vibrancy to your party with these premium mermaid balloons. Perfect for an under the sea or mermaid-themed party. Mix and match them with our other balloons to create a beautiful balloon bouquet. Brand: Qualatex Printed Balloons Size: 28cm Colour:...
Mermaid Cake Toppers
Add a splash of fantasy to your cake with this beautiful mermaid cake topper kit, a great addition to any under-the-sea or mermaid party. Each pack contains 5 cake toppers picks, featuring two mermaids, two sea shells and a mermaid tail. For more...
Mini Mermaid Foil Balloon
This beautiful mini mermaid foil balloon is perfect for a balloon bouquet or for adding to a balloon garland. Featuring long purple hair with a pastel tail. A great addition to any mermaid theme party. Brand: Qualatex Type: Small Microfoil Size:...
Large Mermaid Foil Balloon
No mermaid party is complete without this dreamy mermaid balloon. Decorated in soft pastel colours and adorned with a beautiful mermaid, this balloon will help to create an underwater paradise at your next party.  The balloon measures 74cm when inflated and can be filled with...
Mermaid Silhouette Balloons (10 Pack)
Create a magical under the sea party with these gorgeous mermaid balloons. Adorned with beautiful metallic mermaid silhouettes in shades of pink and purple, these clear balloons are sure to add a touch of elegance to your party. Use them...
$9.99 $7.99

Mermaid Birthday Party

Have you been swimming round in circles looking for the best NZ mermaid party supplies? It's time to come ashore as we have everything you need in our mermaid party box. Our party boxes include all of the mermaid decorations, tableware and party supplies you need to host an amazing mermaid themed party.

Mermaid Theme Party

Mermaid parties are a great kid's birthday theme and are especially popular with girls aged 3-10. With so many beautiful pinks, purples and green party supplies available, its easy to get carried away with your mermaid party shopping!

Mermaid Party Supplies NZ

Mermaid decorations are filled with shells, seahorses, fins, scales and tails ideal for transforming any room into an underwater paradise. Simply match the mermaid balloons to the mermaid garlands and tableware and you'll have the most delightfully themed party. For extra impact, we highly recommend using a matching balloon garland - a great way to fill a room with colour.

Mermaid Party Food

When it's time to feed your half child, half fish guests, the choices of mermaid party food are endless. Serve up mermaid tail cupcakes, crab croissants, clam or oyster cookies or blue coloured popcorn or sweets. Each item will look beautiful on our cute mermaid shell plates and napkins.

Mermaid Cake

Mermaid cakes are a delight to look at and so much fun to make. A great option is to wrap your cake in coloured fondant scales. Simply layer them over the top of each other to give that fish scale look. A mermaid cake topper can either be moulded and created yourself, or alternatively you can insert a doll into the top.

Mermaid Cupcakes

Mermaid cupcakes are super easy to make with our mermaid cupcake decoration kit. Bake or buy, then insert each cupcake into the set of beautiful pink and purple cupcake wrappers. To decorate, the kit includes a set of mermaid tails and scallop shell toppers.

Mermaid Party Ideas

If swimming around your newly decorated underwater paradise isn't enough entertainment for your scaled guests, then 'pin the tail on the mermaid' will keep the excitement going. A fun take on a classic party game, each pack includes a blindfold and mermaid tail stickers. For those that are a bit more adventurous you can try a mermaid tail 'sack' race where your guests need to race with their legs practically tied together - a great way to experience life as a mermaid on land!

Mermaid Party Favours

To end the underwater adventure with a splash your guests will love our mermaid tail treat boxes. Uniquely mermaid tail shaped they are sure to encourage squeals of glee. Fill them with mermaid treats, stickers and goodies that your little mermaid guests will take home to cherish.

Mermaid Party Box

Have you been searching across the ocean and under the sea for the perfect mermaid decorations? We understand how much work it is find all the right matching party supplies in one place. With our mermaid party box you can get all the decorations and party supplies you need for your mermaid party in a single purchase.

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