Balloon Garlands

37 products
Balloon garlands are the perfect decoration for a beautifully styled party room.  A great centrepiece for hanging over a party table, framing an archway or as...
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Themed Foil Balloons

317 products
Our beautiful range of themed foil balloons are the perfect centerpiece for any party, ball or baby shower. Available in a variety of themes and...
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Printed Balloons

110 products
Our beautiful range of printed balloons are a great decorations addition to any themed party. Choose from our exciting range of jungle balloons, tropical balloons,...
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Confetti Balloons

55 products
Confetti balloons are a great feature piece at any party. Save yourself time and effort by purchasing our pre-filled confetti balloons. Available in multiple colours,...
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Mini Balloons

84 products
Our beautiful range of 12cm mini balloons are perfect for your next birthday party, baby shower, wedding or for adding to a balloon garland. Mix...
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Standard Balloons

94 products
Choose from our range of high quality beautiful standard balloons, available for individual sale. Select from our Fashion, Satin Pearl, Pastel and Metallic range of...
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Large Balloons

182 products
Create instant impact at your birthday party, baby shower or wedding with these beautiful jumbo balloons. Available in a variety of colours ranging from 43cm...
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Bubble Balloons

13 products
Wow your guests with these fun bubble balloons. Made from super stretchy poly, they are completely see-through and inflate to a round bubble shape. Fill them with...
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Number Balloons

174 products
Celebrate your milestone birthday, an anniversary or the new year with these beautiful foil number balloons. Available in a gold, silver and rose gold they...
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Letter Balloons

95 products
Letter Balloons are the perfect decoration for creating messages or spelling out the name of the guest of honour at your party or event. Simply...
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Heart Balloons

29 products
Say I love you with these beautiful heart shaped balloons. Available in multiple colours, mix them with other standard balloons to create a beautiful balloon...
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Star Balloons

22 products
Take your guests to another world with this beautiful range of star and star shaped foil balloons. Perfect for a space or galaxy party or...
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Marble Balloons

9 products
SuperAgate balloons bring a unique marbling of colour and design to your party decorations. Marble agate balloons are great for including in balloon garlands and balloon bunches! ...
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Tuftex Balloons

110 products
Tuftex balloons are made with extra thick biodegradable latex making them more durable and longer lasting. Offering a number of unique natural colours, these high...
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Milestone Foil Balloons

32 products
Celebrate the milestone birthday in style with our beautiful range of Milestone Foil Balloons. Perfect by themselves or a great addition to a balloon bouquet...
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Milestone Age Balloons

46 products
Celebrate the special milestone birthday in style with our beautiful range of Milestone Age Balloons. Featuring latex balloons with printed numbers they are perfect by themselves...
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Modelling Balloons

15 products
Twist your way into some fun animals and shapes with our colourful range of modelling balloons. Our pencil twisting balloons are of the highest quality and...
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Balloon Accessories

28 products
Create your own balloon masterpiece with our extremely popular balloon accessories.  Make your own balloon garlands with balloon tape and glue dots. Keep your balloons...
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