Sunshine Party Box
This gorgeous sunshine party box will brighten up your party. It comes with essential party supplies as well as decorative pieces. Perfect for a child's birthday party or baby shower. Our Mini Sunshine Party Box Includes: 12 Meri Meri Happy Sun...
Happy Sun Plates
Celebrate your ray of sunshine with these cute, bright happy sun plates. Whatever the weather, the sweet smiling sun plates are sure to brighten up the day. Each pack contains 12 plates.Plates measure 7.125" (19cm). For more options, check out our paper plates and sunshine...
Happy Cloud Plates
With silver foil detail and a sweet happy face, these cloud plates are simply delightful. Style them with our coordinating happy sun plates and matching happy cloud napkins. Perfect for a first birthday or baby shower. Mix and match them with...
Sun Foil Balloon
Decorate your birthday party or baby shower with this adorable sun foil balloon. Perfect on its own or in a balloon bouquet. Coordinates perfectly with our sunshine party supplies. Pack contains 1 x sun foil balloon. Balloon measures 68cm and can...
Holographic Pastel Rainbow Foil Balloon
Decorate your pastel, rainbow or sunshine party space with this holographic rainbow foil balloon.  Pack contains 1 x rainbow foil balloon.  Balloon measures 86cm x 48cm and can be filled with helium or air. Please note that this balloon is sold flat-packed and...
Cloud Foil Balloon
Decorate your party space with this dreamy cloud foil balloon. Mix and match it with our other foil balloons to create a beautiful balloon bouquet. Pack contains 1 x cloud foil balloon. Balloon measures 76cm and can be filled with...
Happy Cloud Napkins
These gorgeous mini cloud napkins are beyond adorable. Perfect for styling a first birthday or baby shower. Pair them with our happy sun plates for extra cuteness. Pack contains 20 cloud napkins. Napkins measure 16.5cm x 10cm.For more options, please visit our sunshine party supplies...
Gold Foil Cupcake Wrapper
To enhance the appeal of your party cupcakes, wrap them in these lavish Gold Foil Cupcake Wrappers. Use these sweet and shimmering wrappers to accompany your birthday party, bridal shower or wedding reception.  These cupcake wrappers are for decorative purposes and...
Pastel Yellow Large Plates
Simplicity at its finest. These stylish pastel yellow dinner plates will make serving up treats at your celebration an absolute delight. Layer them with a smaller plate for more impact. Each pack contains 10 large paper plates. Plates measure 23cm. Please...
Pastel Yellow Plates
Simplicity at its finest. These sweet pastel yellow plates will make serving up treats at your celebration an absolute delight. Layer them with a larger plate for more impact. Each pack contains 10 paper plates. Plates measure 18cm. Visit our yellow...
Pale Yellow Scalloped Napkins
These large high quality pale yellow scalloped napkins are simply beautiful. Add them to your party table for some extra elegance.  Pack contains 20 large napkins.  Folded napkins measure 6.5" x 6.5" (16.5 x 16.5cm)
$13.99 $9.99
Pastel Yellow Cups
Add some sunshine to your party with these beautiful pastel yellow cups. Perfect for a sunshine or pastel themed party. Each pack contains 10 paper yellow cups. Cups have a 260 ml capacity. Visit our yellow party supplies collection for...
Gold Octagonal Plates
Looking for a side plate that makes a statement? Then look no further! These gorgeous plates are a beautiful reflective gold with a gloss finish. The gold foil wraps around the entire plate. Each pack contains 8 paper plates. Plates measure 8.25"...
$14.99 $9.99
Pastel Yellow Napkins (40 Pack)
These beautiful pastel yellow napkins are perfect for a variety of special occasions. Each pack includes 40 napkins. Napkins measure 16.5cm x 16.5cm. For more options, please visit our yellow party supplies and our napkins collection.
Gold Cups
Add a touch of glam to your party with these gold paper cups. Each pack contains 10 gold cups. Cups have a 260 ml capacity. Browse our gold party supplies collection for items you can mix and match.
Gold Scallop Cups
$12.99 $6.99
Gold Scallop Cups
Whether for a birthday party, baby shower or engagement party, these gold foil scallop cups are perfect for serving beverages at any special occasion. Suitable for hot & cold drinks. Each pack contains 8 gold scallop paper cups. Cups have a 260ml...
$12.99 $6.99
Yellow Chevron Paper Straws
Bring some warmth to your party with these beautiful sunflower yellow straws. Perfect for a variety of party themes, these straws will add some sunshine to your party table. Each pack contains 20 yellow chevron paper straws.
Confetti | Golden
This beautiful boutique confetti made by The Flair Exchange is hand cut in the USA from 100% recycled and biodegradable tissue paper. Each box is hand filled and sealed ready for your beautiful party setup. The elegant tones of this golden confetti makes it...
Yellow Treat Boxes
Yellow scalloped treat boxes are a great addition to your party food table. Fill them with popcorn, lollies, favours or other treats. An ideal match for a sunshine, construction party or gender neutral baby shower. Each pack includes 8 Treat Boxes....
Gold Glitter Happy Birthday Cake Topper
Add this gold glitter 'Happy Birthday' cake topper as the finishing touch to your beautifully decorated cake. Made of high-quality, thick glitter cardstock paper, this gorgeous cake topper can be reused when wiped down after use. Pack contains 1 gold glitter foil cake...
Gold Happy Birthday Bunting
This gorgeous gold foiled 'happy birthday' garland makes the perfect birthday party backdrop. Hang it on a wall or suspend it from a doorway or other fixture. Mix and match it with our other party supplies to coordinate with the...
Gold & Silver Glitter Star Reversible Garland
When it comes to decor for a special occasion like a Christening, birthday party or baby shower, the details are what bring it all together. Bring continuity and style in your decorative choices with this whimsical and fanciful Gold and...
White, Gold & Confetti Balloon Garland Kit
Create this affordable White, Gold & Confetti balloon garland with an amazing all-in-one kit! This elegant and versatile balloon garland will make your party a standout. Use it as a backdrop to your party table or as a decorative element anywhere in the party space. Kit...
Premium Balloon Garland Kit | Gold & White
This kit contains everything you will need to create a designer balloon garland. It includes assorted premium balloons (some double stuffed), string and a balloon pump. Colour: Assorted balloons in gold, peach and white. Size: 1.8m / 6ft once assembled. Material: Balloons...
$69.99 $59.99
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