Dinosaur Party Box
Our ROAR-some dinosaur party box includes essential party supplies as well as decorative pieces for the perfect dinosaur party. Our Dinosaur Party Box includes: 8 Dinosaur Paper Plates (23cm) 8 Dinosaur Paper Cups (250ml) 20 Dinosaur Napkins (16.5cm x 16.5cm when folded) 1 Green and Blue...
Dinosaur Party Plates 8pk
Featuring a roaring T-Rex with other fearsome dinosaurs, these plates are guaranteed to delight your dinosaur-loving child. Pair them with our other dinosaur party supplies for a truly roar-some party. Each pack includes 8 dinosaur paper plates. Plates measure 23cm (dinner plate size) Need...
Dinosaur Party Napkins 20pk
These fearsome double-sided dinosaur napkins will add some fun to your party table. Featuring a roaring party hat wearing T-rex against a prehistoric background. Mix and match them with our other dinosaur partyware for a roar-some party. Each pack includes 20...
Dinosaur Party Cups 8pk
Featuring a roaring T-Rex and other fearsome dinosaurs, these fun paper cups will be a standout at your dinosaur party. Mix and match them with our other dinosaur partyware for a truly roar-some party. Pack includes 8 dinosaur paper cups Capacity:...
Dinosaur Party Game
Looking for entertainment at your dinosaur party? This fun take on the classic party game 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey' will be fun for children of all ages. Even adults can join in the fun! Stick the horn on the Dinosaur...
Dinosaur Party Invitations
Invite guests to your party with these roar-some dinosaur invitations. On the back of each invite is space to write all of the important party details: To, For, At, Date, Time and RSVP. Each pack includes 8 dinosaur party invites and 8...
Dinosaur Masks
Your party guests will be entertained for hours with our fun T-Rex and Triceratops masks. Pop them on as the guests arrive, include them in your place settings or add them to your treat bags. Pack includes 8 dinosaur masks. Masks are cardboard and they...
Dinosaur Roar Candles
Finish off your dinosaur cake with this fun collection of dinosaur candles. Featuring the word ROAR and two blue dinosaurs. Each pack contains 6 dinosaur pick candles (2 blue dinosaurs and 4 letters) Visit our dinosaur party supplies collection or our birthday...
Dinosaur Party Candles
Arrange these fearsome dinosaur candles on your birthday cake and your little herd will be stampeding around with excitement for cake! Pack includes 5 assorted dinosaur mini candles. Candles are on picks and measure from 4.5 - 6.5cm H, 2.5cm - 4.5cm W. Visit our dinosaur party...
Dinosaur Bunting
This dinosaur bunting garland is a fun decoration for your dinosaur party. Featuring a t-rex, triceratops and other dinosaurs, these party dinosaurs are ready to decorate your party and impress your guests. Dimensions: 2 meters long. Cut out measurements: 6cm...
Dino Party Banner
Decorate your roarsome party with this awesome black dino party dinosaur banner.  The perfect backdrop for your dinosaur theme party. Text: DINO PARTY Dimensions: 20 x 90cm Basic assembly required. Please visit our dinosaur party decorations and our garlands section...
Dinosaur Party Hats 8pk
Have your party guests form a dinosaur herd with these fun dinosaur party hats. Pack includes 8 dinosaur party hats in 2 colour combinations. Cardboard hats measure 15.5cm tall x 12cm wide at the base. Each hat comes with a thin elastic strap to...
Roar Dinosaur Plates 8pk
These fun Ginger Ray Roar Dinosaur Plates are sure to bring a smile to your guests faces at your next dinosaur party! Give your guests a roarsome time at your dinosaur themed party with these green foiled dinosaur plates with...
Roar Dinosaur Napkins 16pk
Get your party started with our fun Ginger Ray Roar Dinosaur Napkins, these fun shaped napkins are sure to get any party started and have your friends and family celebrating with roaring success. These napkins are a great addition to...
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Roar Dinosaur Cups 8pk
Decorate your dinosaur party with these fun green foiled paper cups, ideal for making your party table come to life. Each cup has a dinosaur head and tail popping out and are sure to be a roaring success at any...
Roar Dinosaur Party Bags 5pk
Our Ginger Ray Roar Dinosaur Party Bags are the perfect kids party bags that will be a roaring success with your party guests! A fun party bag that will be enjoyed by everyone. Unfold the bag and place birthday cake...
Happy Birthday Party Dinosaur Bunting
Make your party venue a roaring success with this Ginger Ray Happy Birthday Party Dinosaur Bunting. Our fun Dinosaur Party Happy Birthday Bunting will be a focal point of your dinosaur party decorations and is sure to be a roaring...
Green Dinosaur Party Hat 8pk
Have a roarsome dinosaur party with these fun Green Dinosaur Party Hats. Featuring a green hat with dinosaur shaped plates/spikes sticking out. Each pack contains 8 green dinosaur party hats with elastic bands. Size: 15cm x 10cm Visit our dinosaur...
Dinosaur Party Roar Balloon Bunting
Create a focal point at your party with this fun and colourful Ginger Ray Dinosaur Party 'ROAR' Balloon bunting. Attach the bunting to a wall in your party space and watch your guests marvel. The perfect decorative piece for a dinosaur party. Each...
Jungle Confetti Balloon Bundle 5pk
Decorate your jungle themed birthday party or celebration with these Ginger Ray Jungle Confetti Balloons! Wow your friends and family with these leaf confetti balloons, perfect for any special occasion. Each pack contains 5 x 12” balloons with 2g of...
Roar Blue and Green Confetti Balloons 5pk
Have a roar-some birthday with these fun Ginger Ray Roar Blue and Green confetti balloons. Put the biggest smile on any dinosaur-lovers face with these fabulous blue and green confetti balloons -perfect as part of your dinosaur party setup! Each pack...
Dinosaur Birthday Party Game
Have some dino fun at your party with this awesome pin the spike on the stegosaurus game. A great addition to any dinosaur party. Each pack contains 16 self-stick game pieces, 1 game sheet, blindfold & instructions.  Size: 48.2cm x...
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Green Dinosaur Balloons
Make your dinosaur party roar-some with these green dinosaur balloons. Mix and match them with our other balloons to create a fun balloon bouquet. Brand: Sempertex Printed Balloons Size: 30cm Colour: Green with black dinosaur print Balloons are sold individually and can...
Jumbo T-Rex Dinosaur Foil Balloon
Devour your guests with this super large t-rex dinosaur foil balloon. In a stunning red this realistic looking Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur balloon is sure to make an impact!  The perfect addition to a dinosaur or Jurassic Park theme party. Brand: NorthstarDimensions: 119cm (47")...

Dinosaur Party Ideas

Dinosaurs roamed the Earth for over 160 million years with the last of the dinosaurs becoming extinct around 65 million years ago! The Age of the Dinosaurs may have long since passed but children's fascination with these magnificent creatures continues to live on. We know how crazy kids are about dinosaurs so here at The Party Room we have hand-selected a range of roar-some dinosaur party supplies that are sure to delight your little dinosaur. 

Dinosaur Party Supplies NZ

After tearing through prehistoric jungles and roaming the land, your mini dinosaurs will be ready to devour some delicious party food. Our dinosaur plates, cups and napkins are perfect for serving your hungry and thirsty little dinosaurs and, best of all, they are disposable and biodegradable making them convenient and kind to the earth. Your party guests will enjoy a dinosaur feast but you won't be up all night doing the dishes!

Dinosaur Decorations

Turning your house into a Jurassic paradise might seem a little overwhelming, but we have a variety of decorations that will make your mini dinosaurs ROAR. From balloon garlands that will create instant impact to dinosaur banners and balloons that will add extra flair, your party space will be transformed into a prehistoric paradise in the blink of an eye!

Dinosaur Birthday Party

Watch your party guests' eyes and imaginations light up when they set sights on your selection of dinosaur party food.  Try pretzel sticks as dinosaur bones, a watermelon carved into the shape of a dinosaur head and grapes or balls of rockmelon as dino eggs. You can even create dinosaur cookies by pressing the feet of toy dinosaurs onto your cookie dough prior to baking. Let your creativity run wild!

Dinosaur Cake NZ

The options are endless when it comes to creating a dinosaur cake. From carefully crafted fondant dinosaurs to cakes made using a dinosaur mould, your dinosaur-lover will adore any cake that transports them to prehistoric times. Your dinosaur cake doesn't have to be complicated to look amazing. Top a cake in green icing and simply add toy dinosaurs, chocolate rubble and plastic trees. Voila! You have the perfect cake to adorn your dinosaur party table.

Kids Party Supplies

To wrap up the day and thank your guests for joining in the dinosaur fun at your party, fill up your goodie bags with dinosaur sweets, stickers or balloons. A dinosaur party hat, mask, pencils or easers are other great options for tying the party theme into the gifts in your treat bags.

Dinosaur Party Box

Have you been searching for, but been unable to find, everything you need to create a prehistoric jungle? We understand how much work it is to find all the desired matching party supplies in one place. However, there is no need to look any further because we have it sorted!

Our dinosaur party box includes essential party supplies as well as decorative pieces for a ready-made dinosaur party in a single purchase. You can also add other roar-some dinosaur party supplies to your order if you are hosting a larger party!

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