The 10 Most Popular Kids Party Themes for 2020

Here are our picks for the most popular party themes for 2020.

1. Bunny Party

Bouncing its way into the top spot is a bunny party. With adorable new bunny party supplies launched by premium brands this year, we expect to see these cute fluffy animals appearing at baby showers and birthday parties around the country.

Bunny theme party supplies - The Party Room 

Hop your way over to our gorgeous bunny party supplies.

2. Unicorn Party

Unicorn parties have been popular for a number of years and we expect that trend to continue this year. The mystical and magical nature of unicorns make them a top pick with children of all ages.

Unicorn party supplies

Take your children on a magical journey with our beautiful unicorn party supplies.

3. Jungle/Safari Parties

From tigers and lions to snakes and zebras, wild animals are set to be a popular choice for children's parties this year. Favoured by both girls and boys, it is easy to see why this bold and majestic theme is highly requested.

Jungle theme party supplies - The Party Room 

Go on a jungle adventure with our wild jungle party supplies.

4. Superhero Parties

Making a zap! pow! wham! and bang! into the number four spot is a superhero party. Whether your child loves Spiderman, Wonder Women or The Avengers, superhero parties will be a popular choice for boys and girls of all ages. And, with the release of many superhero movies in 2020, we believe the popularity of this theme will continue to fly.

 Superhero party supplies - The Party Room

Fight the bad guys and fly into the night with our superhero party supplies.

5. Mermaid Parties

Diving into our top 10 are the ever popular mystical and magical half-fish, half-woman friends. We anticipate many underwater mermaid parties will be making a splash this year.

Mermaid theme party supplies - The Party Room

Dip into an underwater paradise with our mermaid party supplies.

6. Farm Parties

Children everywhere will be partying until the cows come home at their farm-themed birthdays. Cute animals and a relaxed country feel are all you need to celebrate your little farmer in 2020.

 Farm party supplies - The Party Room

Giddy up and head over to our farm party supplies.

7. Ice Cream / Doughnut / Candy Parties

I think it goes without saying that food-themed parties will be a popular choice this year.....and likely every year to come! I mean, who doesn't love a sweet treat (or four) to celebrate their birthday?!

Doughnut theme party table - The Party Room

The ice cream is melting so hurry on over here to our ice cream party supplies.

8. Tropical / Hawaiian Parties

We all love a good tropical vacation, right?! Well now you can create those holiday feels with a relaxed tropical party. We expect to see palm leaf napkins and pineapple plates adorning lots of party tables in 2020.

Tropical party supplies.- The Party Room

Watch this space for a party box curated just for you tropical-vacay-loving peeps!

9. Flamingo Parties

Our pink fine-feathered friends are flying their way into our top 10. With a good splash of pink and a touch of greenery, flamingo parties are picked to be a popular choice for parties this year.

Flamingo party supplies - The Party Room 

10. Vehicle / Construction Parties

Vrooom! Driving into the final spot are vehicle and construction parties. Like some of the other themes in the top 10, vehicle and construction parties have been popular for many years. We see no signs of this slowing down in the coming year.

Drive on over to our construction party supplies, built for your digger-loving, dump-truck-obsessed girls and boys.

Construction party supplies - The Party Room

For more great party ideas, check out our party boxes.

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