Construction Party Box
Dig, dig, dig your way into this fun construction party box. It includes essential party supplies as well as decorative pieces for the perfect construction party. Our Construction Party Box includes: 8 Dump Truck Plates (23cm) 8 Party Zone Paper...
Construction Plates
Featuring a yellow and black dump truck with a red party zone road sign, these construction plates are sure to be a fun way to serve food at your construction-themed party. Pair them with our construction napkins, cups, straws and garland to create a party...
Construction Napkins
Featuring a black and yellow digger, these napkins are perfect for keeping your party guests clean. They also add colour to the party table and they look great as part of a place setting. Pair these napkins with our construction plates, cups,...
Construction Cups
Featuring road cones and a 'party zone' warning sign, these cups are perfect for kids that love diggers and construction. The bright yellow and black striped design will add colour to the party table and will look great as part of...
Construction Invitations
Get the party started with these fun construction party invites. Invites feature space to write all of the important party details: To, For, At, Date, Time and RSVP. Pad of 20 construction invitations. Browse our construction party supplies for items to...
Construction Party Invitations
Invite guests to your party with these fun construction invitations featuring a yellow dump truck shaped invite card with road cones and a red party zone sign in the trailer. The other side of the dump truck features space to...
Construction Balloons (10 Pack)
Bring fun to your party with these brightly coloured construction balloons. Add a bunch at the entrance to your party, use them to decorate the party room or have them floating in the party space as entertainment for your littlest guests....
Construction Vehicle Balloons (10 Pack)
Your construction-mad birthday boy or girl will delight in these bright and fun construction vehicle balloons.  Brand: Sempertex Printed Balloons Size: 30cm Colour: Yellow and orange construction balloons Each pack includes 10 assorted construction balloons. The quantity of each colour...
Jumbo Dump Truck Foil Balloon
Bring the construction site to your place with this fun Jumbo Dump Truck Foil Balloon. Featuring a large yellow and red dump truck with black wheels. The perfect centerpiece for a vehicle or construction themed birthday party. Brand: Anagram Type:...
Dump Truck Foil Balloon
Make instant impact at your construction-themed celebration with this dump truck foil balloon. Perfect for mixing and matching with our other balloons to create a balloon bouquet. Pack contains 1 yellow dump truck foil balloon. Size: 58cm Please note: Balloon comes flat-packed...
Digger Foil Balloon
This large yellow digger foil balloon is a great way to impact at your construction party. Pair with our dump truck foil balloon or yellow, orange and black balloons to make an awesome construction themed balloon garland or balloon bouquet....
Construction Party Hats
Treat your guests to some fun with these traffic cone shaped construction party hats. Add them to your party bags as a favour or hand them out for your guests to wear while they enjoy your construction-themed party.  Pack includes 8...
Construction Party Bunting
Construction party bunting, a great backdrop for your little digger party. Bunting includes 6 cardboard cutouts on black string. Cutouts include: Yellow Dump Truck x2, Party Zone Sign x2, Orange Construction Cone x2. Length: 2 meters long. Each cut out is between...
Construction Paper Straws
Add some fun and flair at your construction party with these black and white striped straws. Featuring truck and 'party zone' cutouts, your guests will be siping in style with these construction-themed straws. Pack contains 20 paper straws - 10 each of...
Construction Road Cone Candles
Add these road cone candles to your construction or transport-themed cake for extra impact. Nothing will delight your vehicle-lover more than blowing out these candles at cake time! Pack contains 6 candles each measuring 4cm. Hosting a construction party? Browse our construction party supplies collection.
Construction Cake Topper
Add this fun cake topper as the finishing touch to your construction-themed cake. Featuring cardboard caution tape cutouts sitting on black straws, it is sure to delight your construction-lover. Cake topper measures 15cm x 14cm. Printed on one side only....
Construction Wall Decorations
Turn your party space into a busy construction worksite with these fun and bright construction-themed cardboard cutouts. Made from lightweight cardboard and printed on one side, adhere them to your walls with blu-tac, sticky tape or adhesive strips. Pack includes 12 construction cutouts. Size of...
Under Construction Plates're now entering a party zone! featuring bold colours and silver foil elements, we're seriously digging these premium DayDream Society Under Construction plates! Each plate features a range of yellow construction vehicles including diggers, cranes, concrete trucks and dump trucks....
Under Construction Napkins
Featuring bold colors and silver foil elements, we're seriously digging these premium DayDream Society under construction napkins! Each napkin features a range of yellow construction vehicles including diggers, cranes, concrete trucks and dump trucks. Each pack contains 16 paper construction napkins....
Under Construction Cone Napkins're now entering a party zone! featuring a die-cut cone shape and bold colours, we're seriously digging these premium DayDream Society under construction traffic cone napkins! Each pack contains 16 small orange cone shaped napkins Size: 11.5cm when folded Visit...
Black & White Stripe Cupcake Wrappers
This black and white stripe cupcake wrapper is a great way to enhance the look of your cupcake. Its clean lines and simplicity make it a great fit for any party theme. An ideal addition to a superhero or construction party...
Metallic Graphite Balloons
Decorate your party space with these premium metallic charcoal-coloured balloons. Mix and match them with our other balloons to coordinate with the theme of your party. Brand: Sempertex Metallic Balloons Size: 30cm Colour: Graphite Silver Balloons are sold individually and can be filled with...
Black Balloons
Perfect for a formal, superhero, construction, farm or jungle party, these high quality black latex balloons can be mixed and matched with other balloons to suit your event.  Brand: Sempertex Fashion Balloons Size: 30cm Colour: Black Balloons are sold individually and can be filled with...
Yellow Balloons
Add some glamour to your party with these premium yellow balloons. Perfect for a baby shower or birthday party. Mix and match with other balloons to suit your event.  A great choice for a sunshine, construction or lego themed party. Brand: Sempertex Fashion Balloons Size: 30cm Colour: Yellow Balloons...

Construction Party Ideas

From excavators and dump trucks to bulldozers and front loaders, construction vehicles and construction sites fill small children with wonder. When throwing your little construction worker a birthday party there will be a lot to plan and prepare. Here at The Party Room we have hand-selected a range of colourful and fun party supplies that will make throwing your construction-themed party a piece of cake! 

Construction Tableware

After a day on the construction site, your little workers will be ready to dig, dig, dig into some delicious party food. Our construction plates, cups and napkins are perfect for serving your hungry and thirsty crew and, best of all, they are disposable and biodegradable making them convenient and kind to the earth. Down on the construction site your party guests will enjoy a feast but you won't be up all night doing the dishes!

Construction Decorations

Creating a worksite for your little construction workers will require some preparation ahead of time. Little decorative touches will help to transform your party space into a digger-lover's dream. Place road cone party hats at your place settings and our orange, yellow or black popcorn boxes at your food table for extra colour and fun. From construction garlands to construction balloons, we have all that you need to bring your vision to life. Choose from our range of foil balloons for some awesome looking trucks and diggers.

Construction Party Food

Serving food that is yellow, orange, black or brown in colour will help to theme your party food. Try pretzel sticks or wafer biscuits as wood, chocolate balls as boulders, carrots as road cones or cheese balls as wrecking balls. And, as a creative and fun way to serve a selection of the food, find a few construction vehicles (dump trucks are ideal) and pop your food items on the back. Let your creativity run wild! 

Construction Cake

A chocolate cake lavished with ganache or buttercream and topped with chocolate rubble and construction vehicles is not only simple to make but also perfectly on theme. A construction cake doesn't need to be neat around the edges because what construction site is?! If you're particularly crafty, you could attempt to make fondant diggers or dump trucks but the plastic variety will do just fine if that's not your thing. A set of road cone candles will make the perfect finishing touch to your construction cake and after the candles have been blown out everyone will enjoy digging into your amazing creation. 

Construction Party Favours

To wrap up the day and thank your guests for joining in the construction fun at your party, fill up your goodie bags with construction sweets, stickers or balloons. Construction party hats, pencils and easers are other great options for tying the party theme into the gifts in your treat bags. In the interests of the environment, try to avoid plastic favours where possible.

Construction Party Box

Have you been searching for, but been unable to find, everything you need to create a construction-themed party? We understand how much work it is to find all the desired matching party supplies in one place. But there is no need to look any further because we have it sorted!

Our construction party box includes all the essentials as well as decorative pieces for a ready-made construction party.

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